A New Way of Life

I am so humbled by all the posts out there from some of you on the awakening path. I know feeling humbled is my ego talking to me and I just need to write from presence as Eckhart and Kim (Eckhart’s wife) teach so here goes:

Things are a little frustrating for me these days as I struggle to be present in my life. One of my two beautiful sons is excelling in sports so we are spending quite a lot of time involved in the sports world this summer. I was in a great place spiritually last week before we had to take him on a trip to play in a national finals tournament about an hour plane ride away. Going to the airport is quite challenging to a newly awakening person if that is a way to describe myself. One thing I definitely noticed at the gate before the plane was to depart was that almost EVERYONE at our gate and the gates around me were on their cell phones. I am trying to severely limit my cell phone use along with all social media and no news since I started awakening last year. Eckhart teaches that our new “smartphones” take us out of the present moment and are an extension of our personal consciousness. To me he is spot on! I was amazed as I sat there just observing people as he likes to do in airports. To me, most people are unconscious and lost in their own little worlds completely missing the present moment. Another statement he recently made was that this is the first generation of young people (born in the last 20 years) in which the virtual world is more real than the REAL world. Unbelievable teaching to my new way of thinking and it scares me for the future of the planet. I am starting to try to awaken my two teenagers and my wife so that my little family will know the true meaning of our lives and follow our soul purpose versus follow the mind made materialistic view that most Western “Advanced” societies follow. Am I missing something here? I can get very passionate about wanting to wake up the world but know that is my ego talking. I can only awaken myself and those that are open to the process around me. I will say that it is incredible to practice presence outside of my home in the real world as Eckhart teaches. I have fun getting totally present with the people in my pharmacy, gym, etc. Practicing presence and just listening for a “download from the Universe” is incredibly powerful. It almost scares me a bit but I know that is ego talking. I would like to share an experience I had at a hotel at night while in Cleveland late last week but am thinking that is a great place to start a new blog post. My new normal is having incredible things happening from the Universe which is a teaser for my next post. Blessings and love to all.


First Post

Hello all. I have finally found the time and courage to post my first message to others on this fantastic platform. My name is Aubrey and I am from a large city in the southern United States. I am married with a wonderful wife and two fantastic teenage boys. I have struggled with “demons” my whole adult life as a result of having a covert narcassist father. Four and a half years ago, I suffered a heart attack with the result being a triple bypass operation that saved my life. My “widowmaker” artery was 99% blocked and two other arteries were 70% blocked. The doctor told me that if I had not been a fitness person who regularly exercised, I would not have survived. Only about 8-12% of people survive a “widowmaker” blockage. Since that fateful day, I have been searching for why God spared my life and telling others that God must have a reason for keeping me here on Earth. Fast forward to the Covid crisis when I was finally able to become free of my demons by reading about narcassistic personality disorder and breaking free from my toxic father. Also during the Covid crisis, I have experienced the beginning of a spiritual awakening by reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and A New Earth. I NEVER was exposed to teachings like his and other awakening teachers throughout history. Being raised in the Methodist Church, I have finally started to enjoy what I heard so many times in church when Jesus described “The peace that passeth all understanding.” I have read Conversations with God and am working on A Course in Miracles and starting A Course in Love. I feel deep in my soul that God (Creator/Source) loves all of us and that I am on a brief but wonderful experience here on Earth. I LOVE nature and sit out on my back porch every morning taking in Heaven on Earth. I see most people as “unconscious,” an Eckhart Tolle term who are lost in their ego and cannot get out of their thinking minds to experience Heaven on Earth. I pray every morning to be loving, kind, and compassionate to all those I encounter. I must admit I get frustrated at times with my ego and its constant desire to reassert itself into my life. Things have progressed very fast for me and I am excited to have found a spiritual counselor who has awakened herself to assist me in this sometimes confusing process. Finally, I am enrolled in Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening which began in March and goes until August. It is an incredible journey where I have made connections with loving people from all over the world. Thanks to all of you out there on this platform for allowing me to read your posts and comment without having a formal presence on here until now. I am going to try to post at least once a week on my awakening journey. Peace and love to all who read this first post. Thanks, Aubrey